1. Sanyog

Sanyog has been patented as “SYSTEM FOR AN INTUITIVE, CUSTOMIZABLE, MULTILINGUAL AND RECONFIGURABLE AUGMENTATIVE COMMUNICATION ” in accordance with the provisions of the Patents Act, 1970.

2. E-Sagu

Complete patent specification is filed regarding e-Sagu project under the title “A method for onsite analysis”. The applicants are IIIT – H, Hyderabad and Digital India Corporation (DIC).

A PCT application is filed on eSagu to get a patent in other countries.

3. Centre of Excellence in Wireless Technology (CEWiT)

The patent application has been filed under three titles. The details are as follows:

  • A patent application has been filed under the title “A Broadband Wireless Communication System”.
  • A patent application has been filed under the title “Multi-Antenna Cellular Broadband Wireless Communication Systems with Interference Mitigation based on Compressed Channel State Information Feedback”.
  • A patent application has been filed under the title “A Method of Spatial Multiplexing for High Data Rate Wireless Communication”.

NAVA-VAANI is a portable computing device that have simple navigation mechanism to serve individuals with cerebral palsy. It has facility to store and play a large number of audio messages partitioned in to different contexts. Each audio messages is associated with corresponding captured image. Patent has been filed for NAVA-VAANI. Patent Application No. – 1771/MUM/2010.

5. Health Care Management System

for Performing All Health Care Activities. Patent Application No. – 562/MUM/2012


Web Based Rural Telemedicine Information System. Patent Application No. – 562/MUM/2012


Integrated Assessment Tool For Mentally Retarded Children. Patent Application No. – 1295/MUM/2012