Nestled within MeitY under DIC, Digital India Bhashini materializes the aspirations of a digitally unified nation where linguistic diversity is celebrated. Since its inception, Digital India Bhashini has been committed to the profound vision of facilitating seamless communication between various Indian languages and English. Its establishment underscores the nation’s commitment to ensuring that technology bridges linguistic divides and becomes a powerful tool for inclusivity.

 Digital India Bhashini’s canvas is broad, encompassing collaborations with startups and government agencies alike. Its mission fosters a unique ecosystem where linguistic diversity finds technological resonance. Through innovation and collaboration, the division not only celebrates linguistic pluralism but also accelerates technological innovation. In a rapidly digitizing landscape, Digital India Bhashini pioneers an era where language is no longer a barrier, and digital inclusivity transcends linguistic frontiers.

Key Focus

feature1 Automatic Speech Recognition

feature2 Machine Translation

feature3 Text to Speech

feature4 Optical Character Recognition