DIC Core


DIC Core

Established in 2001, the DIC Core division has firmly positioned itself at the forefront of innovation by effectively bridging the gap between the theory of technological advancements incubated in laboratories and their practical, real-world applications. This division's distinct focus on "IT for Masses" demonstrates its commitment to democratising technology and making its benefits accessible to all. Armed with a rich history spanning over 22 years, the division has honed its prowess in deciphering the practical requirements across various fields. However, its expertise goes beyond mere understanding; it extends to skillfully conceiving and executing projects that harness the full potential of technology to bring about meaningful, impactful solutions. Read More

What sets the DIC Core apart is its unwavering dedication to anchoring projects in the needs of grassroots communities. This approach carries a significant emphasis on empowerment, with a special regard for marginalized communities. Through innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications, the division has managed to channel technology as a tool of empowerment, enabling citizens, including marginalized groups, to access opportunities, resources, and services that were once distant dreams.

Central to the division's ethos are its primary objectives. It envisions an ecosystem where innovation not only thrives but also translates into tangible socio-economic advancements at the grassroots level. This goal is augmented by a strong commitment to elucidating the manifold benefits of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) across specific domains. Ultimately, DIC Core strives to tangibly uplift lives, catalyze progress, and empower citizens by enabling the constructive use of technology.

Key Focus

feature1 Socio-economic development

feature2 ICT for society

feature3 Livelihood Enhancement

feature4 Empowering specially abled