NCW- Her Legal Guide App

NCW- Her Legal Guide Application focuses on various rights and statutes pertaining to women in India. The App will legally empower women with just a click. This Mobile App will act as a new friend of women in difficult situations and will aware them about their rights. It also contains details about the helplines pertaining to women.


NCW- Her Legal Guide App

Special Features

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The "NCW- Her Legal Guide" app stands out for its in-depth coverage of various rights and statutes specifically tailored to women in India. Users can access a wealth of comprehensive legal information, empowering them with knowledge to navigate legal complexities effectively.

This innovative mobile application revolutionizes legal empowerment by providing quick and easy access to crucial information. With just a click, women can empower themselves with legal insights, making the app a reliable and swift resource for those in need, especially in challenging situations

The app goes beyond information dissemination by incorporating a directory of helplines dedicated to women. Users can easily find and connect with relevant support services, ensuring that "NCW- Her Legal Guide" is not just a legal guide but also a valuable tool for accessing immediate assistance when required

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