National AI Portal

The National AI portal ( was launched on May 30,2020. The portal is the constant and dynamic source of knowledge on AI and related topics. The portal is focused on creating and nurturing a unified AI ecosystem for driving excellence and leadership in India’s AI journey, to foster economic growth and improve lives through it. INDIAai on the regular basis publishes AI related articles, news, government initiatives, research reports and case studies. INDIAai now has a user generated content feature, contributing 15% of submissions to our content pipeline.


National AI Portal

Special Features

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Guiding responsible and transparent development and deployment of AI systems to ensure fairness, accountability, and societal benefit.

Showcasing an intersection of AI, intellectual property, and innovative practices, to drive progress and growth.

Enabling individuals to acquire AI knowledge and expertise, fostering innovation and meeting the demand for AI skills in various industries.

Introducing INDIAai