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cHRV is a centralized cloud computing system built on open source platform. HRV is variations in successively derived beat-to-beat intervals in the heart rate.  It is promising non-invasive tool to predict morbidity & mortality in non-communicable diseases. This system is designed to perform state of art analysis of ECG data in the time, frequency and poincare. Enables user, an easy remote access to perform HRV analysis for creating digital records of patients and healthy individuals.

Centralized Heart Rate Variability

Special Features

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Database of HRV analysis of patients / citizens is maintained for preventive and curative care.

It is possible to generate and save HRV analysis and statistical results into different format like PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Text or CSV. These results are easily readable and printable.

The user can analyze the number of HRV test performed by him over the time period.

Centralised Heart Rate Variability Analysis System

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